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About Anthony Olson, P.A.

Helping Immigrants for 15 Years

At Anthony Olson, P.A., Immigration Law Firm, we know that immigrating to the United States can be a long, stressful, and complicated legal process. Trying to navigate all the intricate steps without an advocate on your side can cost you and your family precious time, money, and effort if not done right the first time.

This is why hiring our immigration law firm can greatly improve your chances of success in the immigration process, and in starting a new life in the U.S. No matter what your immigration status is, or your immigration plans are, call our firm at +1 (941) 362-7100. We serve a global clientele from our offices in Sarasota and Fort Myers, Florida.

We Speak Your Language

When you are thinking about immigrating temporarily or permanently, it is important that you have an attorney who can help you in a way that you understand. Our legal team helps individuals from many different countries, and we can help clients in a number of different languages.

These languages include:

Our firm is dedicated to helping clients. We can help you to apply for anything from work visas to U.S. citizenship, and can help you to deal with any issues that come up in the course of the application process.

Building Strong Relationships with Our Clients

At Anthony Olson, P.A., we work to build strong relationships based on trust. We understand that you want to make America your new home, and that always deserves our full attention and our best efforts to realize your goal.

The following are a few of the many ways that we look after our clients that distinguish us from other immigration law firms:

1) As a small firm, we give our clients personalized attention. The case does not get shuffled around among different people like in some large firms.

2) We take the time to educate our clients and make sure that they understand how the visa and/or immigration process works.

3) We give prospective clients and clients realistic and honest assessments of their chances of success, and we do not sign up a client for a case if we are not convinced that we can get that case approved, and our success rate confirms this. Some attorneys sugar-coat and overly optimistically assess the client's chances of success, tell them, "Oh, no problem, of course it will work.", sign up the client, pocket the legal fees, submit a hopeless case, and then say "Sorry it did not work out."

4) We obsess over the details in order to get it right the first time.

5) We prepare memoranda of law, letters, and legal briefs in which we really explain the evidence and argue clearly and convincingly how the evidence proves how the application or petition satisfies the legal requirements. Some attorneys submit a memorandum of law, legal brief, or letter that is little more than a list of exhibits and bullet points, with little or no explanation.

6) We look after and care for our clients like for our own family members. Also, we relate to our clients in a warm, friendly way, and we enjoy talking with them. Our clients remark that they find us enjoyable and even delightful to work with, unlike their experience of working with any other law firm. Our testimonials confirm how pleased clients are with our service and results.

7) We give clients helpful tips on complications that come up in starting their new life in the U.S. I share with clients my knowledge of the business world, economic conditions, living conditions, regional social/cultural differences in different regions of the U.S. I warn clients about scams and dangers to watch out for in how some locals try to rip off new immigrants. We help our clients to succeed in successfully establishing their new life in the U.S.

8) We have advocated on behalf of clients by contacting the department of motor vehicles offices, researching the legal requirements for driver’s license issuance, and providing clients with guidance on how to get their driver’s license issued when it was initially refused. I have gone with a client to the Social Security Administration when he had been refused a Social Security Number, and we got his number promptly issued in order to enable him to open his restaurant for business.

9) We speak a multitude of languages, and we have personal direct knowledge of the culture of those countries, and of many other countries because we have traveled widely and take an interest in other countries and cultures, and take the effort to understand our clients on their own terms. Our firm's slogan is "We speak your language!" We mean that literally and figuratively. We literally speak their language, and we speak their language in a figurative sense, meaning that we understand the client at a human level, and we explain complex legal processes in laymen's terms, unlike those attorneys who like to hear themselves talk, and speak in legal terminology that the client does not understand. To us, there is no such thing as a "stupid question". We answer every question, and we do so in a way that respects the client's intelligence.

For those many clients of ours who are looking to go into business in the U.S., we understand the importance of equipping our clients with valuable information and tips about things to look for and to avoid in going into business in the U.S., and about the advantages and disadvantages of doing business in and living in different locations around the U.S. Finding the right business and finding the right location to settle in the U.S. can make the difference between success or failure in the process of moving to the U.S., particularly if the person has limited resources, and cannot afford to start over if the first business he or she selects does not succeed. We emphasize to our clients the importance of careful planning, including thorough research about the industry and region where the client intends to launch his or her business.

Our Sarasota immigration law firm is accessible, available, and is focused on communicating your case goals throughout every step of the process. At the law firm of Anthony Olson, P.A., you are never just a number.

Call us at +1 (941) 362-7100 in order to schedule a consultation with Anthony Olson in our offices in Sarasota or Fort Myers, or via telephone, Skype, Facetime, Viber, other means of communication. Please fill out our online form so that we can we can schedule your initial consultation as soon as possible. We serve a worldwide clientele from our offices in Sarasota and Fort Myers.

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